Why companies move to a Payroll Outsourcing Model

Managing payroll in-house is no easy task. Legal and compliance requirements change at a rapid pace.

Payroll is a resource-heavy process that’s expensive to do well (and costs even more when done poorly).

Payroll people focus on payroll delivery and often don’t have the time or skills to improve the technology that delivers payroll functions. Companies end up with a lot of manual process and work arounds to just get the payroll out. Systems are often out of date, costly to support and not easily configurable or adaptable for important compliance requirements, leading to frustrations, errors and most importantly breaches.

Affinity offers a personalised and scalable payroll service to suit even the most complex payroll structures.  By  using advanced technology, the Affinity cloud payroll system empowers you to drive business-wide efficiency. Processes are automated, 99.9% error-free, on time and transparent.

Here is a simple checklist to help in your review of payroll outsourcing vendors.

Affinity as your payroll outsourcing company will:
  • Solve people issues: our robust system cuts out manual inputs, reducing errors and internal fraud risks.
  • Reduce system cost and support: Affinity takes care of all maintenance, equipment, upgrades, business continuity and disaster management.
  • Reduce internal processes:  Affinity has well developed processes  to ensure optimised service delivery.
  • Productivity gains: automate transaction management and supply users with information to make the right decisions.
  • Increase compliance: our system generates automated warnings and event notification to remove risk of breach, potential cost overrun, or risk of employee welfare.
  • Single HR System: as well as a payroll system, Affinity offers a fully integrated modern HR system incorporating all HR functionality from hire to retire.