Corporate Payroll Services

There are many payroll service providers that facilitate payroll processing among other services. There are only a few, however, that are experts in the field. At Affinity, we provide you with quality and comprehensive payroll services.

Who Can Provide Payroll Services?

Payroll services are provided by payroll companies that have developed software to facilitate this process. This software is integrated and specialized for different companies and different countries.

Governments have different specifications and compliance requirements when it comes to payroll. Choosing local payroll service providers is critical because they understand the requirements of the law and will help you avoid fines and penalties imposed on noncompliant individuals.

Affinity provides complete payroll and HR options for companies in Australia and New Zealand. You can be sure that because we understand the laws governing payroll, you will always be updated and compliant.

What does a Payroll Service Provider do?

Every company should have a checklist of the various things a good payroll service provider should do.

Below is a comprehensive list of everything you should look for when looking for a good payroll service provider:

  • Cloud System. A good service provider will have their software on the cloud. This eliminates the need for software within the company walls, as well as the additional cost of IT support. Affinity’s software is hosted on the cloud, and our customers are able to enjoy this added benefit with all our products.
  • Time Sheet Management. The number of hours logged by employees can be easily fed into payroll online. External projects should also be easily integrated with any good system.
  • Multi-Position Management. This feature allows for employees in multiple positions to be awarded according to the time they have spent at the company.
  • Time and Attendance. Awarding start and finish times, as well as hours logged into the system, should be a top feature. Overtime should also be seamlessly integrated into an efficient payroll software system.
  • It should be possible to extract any information on the cloud, and in a variety of formats as needed.
  • REM Packaging. Employee remuneration packages, FBT, cash and superannuation should all be included in the system.
  • Workflow and Automation. Workflow varies from one company to the next, and customizing this eases use and makes life easier for HR personnel.
  • Without this, companies could suffer reduced revenue and profits as a result of fines. Compliance with EBS, IRS and Employment Relations Act requirements is non-negotiable, and something that has been integrated into the Affinity system.
  • Self Service. One of the main features of a good system is that it empowers employees, and self-service is one of the ways to do this.
  • Easy Tax Filing. Tax filing to government agencies should be easy, and so should the file production process.
  • End of Year Considerations. End of year requirements by government departments should be automated into the system.
  • Each business is different and as such, a good system will cater to this variety and still be efficient for all business sizes and requirements.
  • Zero Errors. Errors will cost your business fines and penalties, not to mention loss of employees. Avoid this by choosing a system such as Affinity’s that promises zero errors.
  • Leave Management. Leave history is a must-have within a good payroll system, along with automated leave accruals and rules.
  • Labor Costing. Uncontrolled labor costs can be detrimental to a company’s budget. This is why it is important to track labor costs as they occur. A good system will accommodate this need and allow comparison between actual labor costs and budgeted labor costs. Affinity delivers lower labor costs to its customers as well as other cost savings.
  • Help Desk Support. This should be unlimited. Additionally, the service provider should have accessible online tutorials for its customers.

Without these critical functions, a payroll system would not serve its purpose.

5 Reasons You Should Get a Payroll Service Provider

Ensure you are error-free. Most of the software that payroll service providers use is zero error. You won’t have to worry about getting fined by the government or missing an employee income payment for a mistake made by one of your HR staff members.

Avoid salary delays. If employee retention is one of your top priorities, then you know that constant delays in payments can result in disgruntled employees who will eventually move to ‘greener pastures’. Automated systems like Affinity guarantee that no one in your organization will ever miss a salary payment.

Reduce costs. One of the biggest reasons why some customers have stayed with us for years is because of the cost savings they have experienced with our software, some even tantamount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Free up HR personnel time. Yes, you have a HR team that could do most of your payroll in-house. However, this team could also be using their time doing more important tasks. Leave the repetitive tasks to technology by taking advantage of a good payroll system.

Avoid working with too many external contractors. Once you buy our software and train your HR staff to use it, you will not have to update the software or worry about compliance requirements. We will provide these additional services to you.

Payroll Services Reviews

Some of our biggest customers can testify to the cost savings, flexibility, and reliability of our systems.

City of Tea Tree Gully state that it has saved $250,000 annually as a direct result of using Affinity Payroll solutions.

These and more companies are proof that a good payroll service provider can transform the way you do business. At Affinity, we are committed to helping you become proactive about your future success.

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