Payroll Companies

What is a Payroll Company?

A payroll company is one that specializes in processing payroll for companies that choose not to do it in-house.

Working with payroll companies can offer you the following advantages:

  • Zero errors. Payroll companies have software designed to detect errors so they do not cost you money through fines and losses.
  • Reduced costs. With payroll companies, you get an overview of your labor costs and can easily compare that with your budgeted costs.
  • Allocating time to other duties and not repetitive tasks like payroll.

What to Look for in a Payroll Company

Looking for a payroll outsourcing company? Here are a few things to consider when choosing between different payroll companies.

Core Values

Core values are an important aspect that most people ignore. When you work with a payroll company, it essentially becomes your company’s payroll department. As such, there is constant coordination and communication between you. What your payroll service provider believes should go hand in hand with your own beliefs and values.

At Affinity, our core values are; Clever at Being Better, Technology Lead, and Customer Care.

  • Our business is built on innovation. We would not have developed a 99.9% error-free HRIS system without this. We encourage our staff to explore new options every day and to be futuristic so that we can foretell problems our customers will have and create solutions for these problems even before they occur.
  • Being leaders in technology means we are concerned about making life easier for ourselves and our customers too.
  • Lastly, customer care is not something we do, it’s who we are from the lowest ranking employee to the executives; our customers are always at the forefront of what we do. After all, we started our business to serve customers and give them efficient payroll solutions.

Customer support is another to look out for when searching for a payroll company.

Helpdesk Support

Helpdesk support is set up to ensure that customers get assistance with using a product even after they have purchased the product and been trained on how to use it. They can also get as much information about the product as they can from help desk support.

Not only this, but if they want to upgrade their payroll services, they can do so through this channel.


It is important because the company you pick should have all the features you want, whether it is automated workflow processes, or a fully-managed service model.

Some of the ways the team at Affinity sets itself apart from the rest include the following:

  • Actual visibility of labor costing and ability to compare this to budgeted costs.
  • Automatically managing compliance and detecting non-compliance to avoid risks.
  • Automatic updates to third-party system data (APIs).
  • A self-service dashboard that your HR team will be able to configure to different employees as required and necessary.
  • Centralized databases for Australia and New Zealand.
  • Live help desk support that is different for managers and employees.
  • Error-detection using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology (AI).
  • No need to maintain a team in your HR department to deal with payroll. Everything is taken care of under our fully-managed system model.
  • Online forms that can be configured to different users.
  • Online management of human capital.
  • Centralization of multiple systems, that is, HR, awards and, payroll.
  • Employee self-service that encourages empowerment of your employees. Under this feature, they can get their information online by logging into the system.

One question you should ask potential payroll companies is how long they have been operating and who their major clients are.

At Affinity, we work with over 300 companies based in both Australia and New Zealand. Most of these companies have an employee headcount of between 200 to 5000 employees.

Our customers include Hilton Group of Hotels, Ricoh, Panasonic, Open Universities Australia, Swatch Group, FedEx, and Burger King among others, making us one of the biggest payroll companies in the region.

Ease of Use

Finally, your payroll service provider should deliver software systems that are easy to use and adaptable.

Each system requires a certain level of basic training, but it should not be too complex such that training alone is not enough.

Online systems are popular because customers do not have to purchase any software. Everything is done from the cloud. This is what online payroll companies do.

What are Online Payroll Companies?

Online payroll companies are cloud-based payroll service providers. They offer a host of benefits:


Technology is designed to make work easier for human beings. Part of making work easier is doing things faster. This means faster payroll processing for your employees.


Online payroll systems are zero error. No more worrying about fines from the government because there was a delay in making a payment or reporting super and PYG withholding to them.

Reduced Costs

You will enjoy reduced labor costs. However, you will also experience savings because you don’t have to purchase any software or deal with software updates.

Take advantage of all the features and benefits mentioned above by getting in touch with an Affinity representative today.

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