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Payroll Services Catalogue

Payroll Services

Our specialised systems, services and technology removes your payroll burden, including employee query management and support.

Payroll Processing

Our certified team manages the complete payroll process from award interpretation to payroll benefits administration.

Employee Masterfile Maintenance

Employee Masterfile edits/updates are managed electronically to ensure validity.

Payroll Service –  Output

All payroll service outputs and deliverables are highly automated and form part of the service agreement.

Payroll support for your business

Employee Support

Employees have direct access to an Affinity payroll manager. Our employee self-service allows people to complete performance reviews, update personal details, apply for leave or submit your custom-created electronic forms.

Manager Support

Managers have direct access to an Affinity payroll manager. Manager dashboards act as a personal assistant simplifying the daily administration of authorisations, managing performance reviews, leave requests and planning labour budgets/optimisation.

Executive Support

Executives can stay on top of process management, authorisations and notifications plus have full access to company reports.

Payroll Service Outcomes

Enabling the new candidate to engage with the organisation, providing them with the tools for their role. Ensure staff exiting is appropriately managed and all records are updated.

  • New staff experience a positive start to their career
  • Managers and HR aware of status and task required of them for onboarding & offboarding
  • Digitised process management
  • Ensures Compliance

The payroll process ensures that employees are paid on time according to their employment conditions.

  • Manage and automate all payroll/HR process
  • All staff are paid on time and correctly
  • Managers have a clear view of staff costs
  • Smooth transfer of data from payroll to finance systems
  • Centralises and manages all employee information
  • Removes the need for internal payroll expertise and resources

The work of HR Reporting and Analysis involves the extraction and transformation of data from HR systems to provide insights on how the human capital is used within the organisation.

  • One source of truth for all reporting
  • Complete reporting quickly and easily
  • The data in the reports can be trusted
  • People can proactively use data to plan and provide insights
  • Automated transfer of data to other business systems: General Ledger, BI/BW etc.
  • Trend reporting

Align resourcing positions against the organisational structure.

  • One source of truth
  • Different organisational structures can be modelled
  • Managers know which positions belongs where
  • Drives dynamic organisational charts

Digitise and automate all compliance and risk management.

  • Centralises policy and documentation
  • Event notification and reminders of renewals
  • Remove paper based process

Workflow and forms remove all paper based manual process and intervention.

  • Digitise all process
  • Ensures timely complete data management
  • Removes the need for manual intervention

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