outsourced payroll


Highlights for Correct Care Australasia

Affinity’s employee-centric system makes it easy to access the right tools and information to manage HR and Payroll intricacies specific to the healthcare industry.

Reduced payroll processing
budget by 70%

Manager dashboards provide real-time information for decision making

Automation replaced all paper-based forms.

Eliminated payroll errors and over/under payments

Automated Award calculations.

Reduction of labour wastage by 3%

Reduced employee and manager queries by 70%

Correct Care partnered with Affinity in 2015 and implemented a single-source HRIS system to manage all employee data – giving them greater insight into costs, resourcing, and new business development.

Affinity also provides outsourced payroll services for Correct Care staff and contractors.

Correct Care provides primary health care services to all 12 of Victoria’s publicly managed prisons. The organisation employs or contracts with more than 130 staff – including nurses, GPs, mental health experts, and a range of related healthcare providers (such as dentists, physiotherapists etc).

The Business Challenge

HR Manager Rebekah Lee at Correct Care is faced with a number of HR challenges. The prison system itself is an ever-evolving environment – and Correct Care need to be responsive and adaptable.

“Our service arrangements are based on the number of prisoners. This can change to due to various external factors – such as changes to sentencing protocols, for instance. Our own resourcing needs to be flexible enough to manage that.”

Many of Correct Care’s employees, including nurses, have highly-structured award entitlements. The beauty of Affinity’s software is that it brings together all related payroll, leave, rostering and award requirements into one employee Masterfile.

As well as ensuring compliance for the business, this provides employees with greater clarity.

“Affinity presents all pay and entitlements on the pay slip in a way that’s transparent and easy to understand,” says Rebekah.

No More Data Integrity Issues

Prior to partnering with Affinity, Correct Care’s legacy payroll system was run out of Sydney.

As Rebekah recalls:

“There were a lot of data integrity issues, and we didn’t have access to the Masterfile – we had to request reports. It wasn’t giving us insight into our staffing model, or the changes that were occurring over time.”

“Affinity has solved all those problems. We can now create any report we need, in real time, and we have confidence in the quality of the data we’re using.”

The implementation process was also fairly seamless, recalls Rebekah, despite time pressures.

“We were working to a very tight timeframe – we started the project in April and went live in August. The Affinity team was fantastic…we had very experienced and responsive project managers working with us.”

Critical Business Insights For Management

These days, Rebekah receives regular requests from the managing director for HR information that provides critical business insights.

“Affinity allows us to inform the organisation on our current status, any emerging trends, and developing new business. When we’re looking at a business case, we can run different scenarios to show exactly what it will cost.”

The ability for payroll and HRIS to ‘talk to each other’ is another key benefit of using Affinity. As Rebekah explains, many HR processes have an impact on payroll – performance appraisals are linked to salary increases, for instance.

“When it comes to audit, we’re able to show how all that information links together. I think that provides auditors with another level of confidence in our processes.”

In the bigger picture, believes Rebekah, the ability to provide this level of insight will see HR professionals secure their place at the executive table.

“Traditionally, HR has not been an exact science…a lot of the information has been qualitative. We’re on a path now where we can support a lot of what we do with highly accurate financial information.”

Clever Solutions For Healthcare Organisations

Affinity’s employee-centric system makes it easy to access the right tools and information to manage HR and Payroll intricacies specific to the healthcare industry.

  • Simple rostering –solutions to manage complexities of multiple healthcare roles across rotating shifts.
  • A single integrated system – to seamlessly integrate all HR data into a single masterfile.
  • Real-time visibility – managers can access all people-related information as it happens; and labour/cost adjustments can be made before budget blowouts.
  • Award compliance – software automatically calculates all enterprise agreement and Award requirements, and reports back to regulatory bodies.
  • Mobile and user-friendly – includes automated alerts, rosters, personal updates and employee service available on any device.
  • Notifications – managers and staff are notified when training and accreditations need updating.