Imagine error-free payroll results

What would trusted information do for your business?

Errors result in a loss of trust, loss of reputation, tax penalties, and wasted time/costs to correct.

Affinity makes payroll errors a thing of the past, delivering 99.9% Payroll Accuracy.

Our clever payroll system actively finds errors using artificial intelligence. A world-first, our machine learning algorithm for ‘error trapping’ ensures accuracy. The result – we consistently deliver 99.9% accurate payrolls, with 100% on time delivery.

The automation of data handing and transaction management removes manual effort and potential human errors to increase accuracy .

Affinity has process control systems and a dedicated team in place to ensure that deadlines are met and outputs are delivered on time.

You’ll also have critical payroll information at your fingertips – in real time – for improved reporting and decision-making.