Need accurate
payroll results?

Outsource to local experts
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Remove payroll
compliance risk

Automate processes
Achieve 99% payroll accuracy


Scalable payroll

Flex with demand


Make information accessible

With manager dashboards

Leave behind payroll worries

Automation and clever technology deliver complete, reliable, accurate payroll services.

Improve efficiency

Automation removes manual intervention and waste for all your payroll and HR processes.

Reduce costs

Outsourcing to Affinity reduces your internal payroll administration costs by up to 50%.

Capture Errors

Clever artificial intelligence presents your Affinity Payroll team with potential errors

Dedicated Local Payroll Team

Affinity offers a team of payroll experts delivering an end-to-end payroll service that guarantees complete continuity. Our certified local payroll professionals are located in Australia and New Zealand.

Payroll Experts

For over 20 years, Affinity has developed specialised technology and process management to deliver consistent managed payroll services to a wide range of industries.

Cloud Technology

Remove internal IT support and infrastructure. Our cloud services technology ensures you are always compliant and have the most modern user accessible payroll and HR systems.

Affinity Overview

Affinity Payroll Services - Overview

Affinity HRIS and Payroll Software Overview

Affinity Payroll Services - Tea Tree Gully

See how the City of Tea Tree Gully rectifying a 20% blow out of labour costs

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